While many people shy away from bold patterns in small spaces, Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines suggests that patterned wallpapers actually enhance smaller rooms. However, she recommends choosing a large pattern that is cohesive to avoid overpowering your space.

One of the best wallpapers for small spaces is stripes. They create optical illusions that make walls look taller and wider.

Textured Wallpaper

There’s a common misconception that pattern and color should be avoided in small rooms, but the right wallpaper can actually enlarge a space. Light-colored wallpapers, for example, can make a room seem larger and brighter because they reflect the light. Get more info on this wallpaper singapore website.

Patterns that repeat work best in small rooms because they create the illusion of depth and distance. Depending on the orientation of the stripes, they can also make walls look longer or wider.

Textured wallpapers are another great option for small spaces because they offer all the visual interest of a patterned wall without overwhelming the senses. Try a grasscloth or linen texture for a subtle but eye-catching effect.

If you want to get bold with your pattern choices, try a wallpaper with a strong geometric design or one that features an eye-catching perspective. This type of wallpaper can be a great way to define a small space like a powder room or foyer.

Metallic Wallpaper

Metallic wallpapers reflect light and give rooms a shimmer. With special foils, they can also provide glitter, holograms or 3D effects. They are perfect for modern, industrial or vintage-style interiors and complement well with concrete or coarse old wood-look wallpaper.

The iridescent colour plays of copper, silver and bronze impress with their elegant sheen and add depth to the room. They also fit perfectly into a glamorous and extravagant style and help to create opulent atmospheres.

Corroded metals, such as rusty iron or tarnished copper with verdigris, are ideal for the continuously popular Vintage look. Metal wallpapers with imitations of historical tin plates, rough and corroded steel or the patina of bronze create cool constructions or industrial style rooms. With the help of a non-woven carrier layer, these models are particularly easy to work with and allow for a quick application, without lengthy soaking times. They also offer good tear resistance and conceal minor irregularities of the wall surface.

Patterned Wallpaper

If you like the idea of adding texture to your space but are worried about overwhelming your small room, consider patterned wallpaper. You may also want to consider a pattern that draws the eye upward, making your space seem taller.

Busy patterned wallpaper might make some people nervous for their small spaces, but carefully-chosen patterns can be just as bold and dramatic as they are in larger rooms. The key is the size of the pattern, and how the repeat is done.

One of the best patterned wallpapers for small rooms is stripes, as they can create all kinds of optical illusions. Horizontal stripes make walls look wider and vertical ones can make ceilings look higher.

Large Patterns

Choosing large-scale patterns can be a great option for small rooms. They can help to create the illusion of a larger space, particularly if you choose a wallpaper with vertical stripes. You can also accentuate the effect by placing wall hangings a few centimeters higher than you usually would, which will give the impression that the walls are taller than they are.

If you’re looking to make a statement with your wallpaper, look for a large floral print that has lots of white space. This will prevent the pattern from overpowering the room and keep it looking clean and fresh.

If you’re not a fan of florals, try a leafy forest print. Again, this will help to create the illusion of a larger room and will add a bold pop of color that’s sure to impress.