Featuring exemplary flavor with inventive thoughts:

Developing every one of the parts of genuine creation, watches of this classic extols the wrists of the wearers who recognize exactness. With the brand’s commemoration, it has accomplished numerous accomplishments. In this way, to remember those accomplishments feeling celebrative, you really want a La Grande Classique watch. Its thin design is made great with the expansion of the exceptionally built case.

Style is the principal focal point of the brand, and watches of this attractive assortment are not other than that. It comprises of watches that are made thinking about the inclinations of youthful age yet in addition keeps up with quality has given it so much famous among the watch sweethearts.

Offering looks for men as well as ladies:

Longines La Grande Classique assortment involve จีช็อค incredible watches that are made for men as well as ladies.

La Grande Classique for Men:

The name of this Longines watch line has been started from France, so the watches of this assortment additionally have the aptitude that the French have in them. Each and every piece from this family seems to be a gems piece. It gives most extreme delight to the wearer. Their thin surface is upheld by glimmering and strong steel case. Other than this, gold plated case builds the value of the piece and furthermore shines at the wearer’s wrist. The steel and rose gold PVD instance of the watches give a captivating and smell that is adequate to charm the watch darlings. Gold PVD hardened steel case keeps up with the shining gleam as well as gives strength to the watches.

Alongside the typical round designed case, these watches are additionally accessible with the tonneau formed cases. This is an illustration of the brand’s remarkable point of view. Dials have been improved with large number of jewels. Jewel is a commendable diamond that helps with heightening the situation with a watch wearer. A few varieties like mother of pearl, dark, white, silver and gold have been utilized to stain the dials and make them ideal for the watch admirers of various taste. Dark is a manly variety that is great for those men who are dauntless.

Lashes hold the case firmly. They are made with gold plated, cowhide, treated steel and two-tone materials. The gold plated lash spreads the brilliant embodiment to the wrist of a wearer. Calfskin constructed ties are hued in dark. It gives life span and physicality to the watches. Treated steel is the normal material that has been carried out to a portion of the models so they become durable and sparkles at the wrist of a wearer.

Both programmed and quartz development has been presented with these watches. The majority of the La Grande Classique men’s watches are stacked with quartz development, while certain models are presented with programmed watches. 30 meters water obstruction is quite possibly of the main quality that these watches contain. It assists them with becoming water evidence. Date show counter is accessible in a portion of the watches. It gives refreshed chance to the wearers and is set at the right half of the dial. The vast majority of these pieces have simple showcase framework. These sort of watches contain hands to precisely give time.