Owning a piece of commercial land can be quite rewarding for you and your generations to come. However, simple land will not provide you enough benefit, at least not every month. Whereas, constructing a commercial building such as an apartment building, shopping mall, or any other commercial building can provide you with a passive source of income every month.

Before you decide to build a skyrise building on your commercial land, you should consider some important factors to ensure the safety and compliance of your building. Here are some factors that you should not avoid. 

  1. Zoning And Codes

The first thing to do before you start the earth-breaking process is to see whether your plot falls in the commercial zone or not. Every city has different zones to properly manage everything. If you are introducing a commercial building in a residential area, you might face serious consequences. 

You should check with the local building codes as well. For instance, you should know what is the maximum height limit in the area, how much land you can use for construction and what are the limitations for open land. Considering these factors can protect you from authorities. 

  1. Environmental Impact Of The Building 

The second factor to consider would be the environmental impact of your building in the area. If you are building a skyrise, how will it affect the existing community? You should know that your building should not have disastrous effects on the existing community. 

For a better understanding of the Environmental impact of your building, 3D-Matterport Scans can be quite helpful. A 3D model of your building plan can help you and other stakeholders get an idea about how your building will look in the street. 

  1. Feasibility

You should conduct thorough research to analyze the potential feasibility of your plan in the existing market. You should know whether your proposal has any demand in the market or not. 

You should check whether your skyrise will sustain the community or not, and how you will be able to manage the financial and operational aspects of the building. 

  1. Utilities and Infrastructure 

You should consider factors like access to water, electricity, and other utilities that are necessary for the operation of your proposed skyrise. 

You also see if the existing infrastructure will allow your skyrise to stand or not. The area you have should have enough capacity to hold your proposed skyrise building. 

  1. Accessibility And Traffic Management 

Lastly, you should know whether your skyrise will be easily accessible to the general public or not. Small streets are usually not designed for skyrise buildings, especially for shopping malls because it becomes extremely difficult to manage traffic. 

Moreover, when you are building your skyrise, you should check whether you have enough parking capacity. If you do not offer adequate parking, your customers will create havoc for the surrounding businesses. Therefore, before you build a skyrise, make sure to provide enough parking space and traffic management feasibility.